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Guangzhou Moown Stage Equipment Manufacturer
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Primary services
Stage lights, moving head light, laser light, Atmosphere Machine
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Theater Light, studio light, led star curtain, auto show light, 3d hologram led fan, foam party machine
2F/3F No.11 Jiangshi Rd, Hebu, Jianggao, Baiyun district, Guangzhou, China

Company Profile

Founded in 2008, Guangzhou Moown Stage Lighting Equipment Mannufacturer (short as Moown in below ) is a highly professional and experienced manufacturer of stage lights and stage equipment in China. Hong Kong Moown TechnologyLimited established at 2015 as a branch company of Moown factory. Our products are widely used in professional stage lighting, theater, entertainment centers, disco, bars, clubs, nightclubs and various enterprises and institutions.The major product including 8 categories as below:1. Lamp Moving Head Light: such as beam 350w 17r, beam 330w 15r, beam 230w Osram 7r, beam 200w Philips 5r etc.2.Led moving head: led light source is more and more popular now, we have many kinds of led disco light moving head.Led spot 200w beam, 19x15w Bee eye moving head, 19*12w led moving head wash zoom, led moving head spot30w/60w/90w,led spider moving head, led 36x18w 6-in-1 moving head wash zoom etc.3.Led par & wall washer series: including indoor & outdoor led par light, led star version curtain, led wall washer, city color light etc.4.Laser light: 5W RGB Animation laser light, 3W RGB Animation laser light Green laser light etc.5.Atmosphere Machine: including 3000W Foam party cannon, 3000w low lying fog machine, led up smoke machine, Co2 jet machine,  snow machine etc.6. Dmx light console: including Tiger touch professional, Kingkong 1024 console, Pilot 2000 console, Sunny 512controller, 240 controller, 192 controller etc.7. Led studio & Theater light: Such as led profile 200w, led fresnel spot 200W, Led 200w studio softlight etc.8. Accessory: Such as hook, cable, stand, flight case, fog oil etc.To ensure product quality, we will strictly test it for more than 24 hoursbefore shipped out. We only choose quality raw materials from supplier andprovide 1 years product warranty.We have customers that covered all over the world. Such as USA, UK,Austria, Slovakia, Poland, Australia, Brazil, Ukraine, South Africa, India,Thailand …etcWe are continually seeking and striving...